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Practical information to reach Milano and the workshop venue

Milano is quite easily reached by plane, train and car

How to reach Milano

By plane

Milano is served by three international airports.

Linate is the Milano urban airport at less than 10km from the city center. Downtown can be quickly and easily reached by public transportation or taxi. Please consider that Linate will close for runway works from July 27th, 2019.

Malpensa is the Milano international hub at about 50km from the city center. Connections (about 1h) to the Centrale, Garibaldi and Cadorna train stations of Milano are provided by trains (Malpensa Express). Buses connects to Milano Central Station in about 1h (Malpensa Shuttle, Autostradale, Terravision).

Orio al Serio is the Milano-Bergamo international airport at about 50km from the city center. Buses connects to Milano Central Station in about 1h (Orio Shuttle, Autostradale, Terravision).

By train

Milano has several train stations. The main ones are

Stazione Centrale is the main Milano station and it is the main destination of fast trains (Frecciarossa and Italo). It is close to the conference venue.

Stazione Garibaldi is the station closest to the conference venue.

Stazione Cadorna is the station for regional trains

By car

Milano is placed in the middle of northern Italy at the crossing point of many important highways. This makes Milano easily accessible by car from France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and southern Italy.

A4/E64 (west bound) connects to Torino, France, and Switzerland

A8/E62 connects to Switzerland

A4/E64 (east bound) connects to Venezia, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia

A1/E35 connects to southern Italy

A7/E25-E62 connects to Genova


Traveling to Italy might require a visa depending on your nationality. Processing of visa applications can consume a significant amount of time, so please apply for a visa well in advance. You can find information on visa regulations here. If you require a letter of invitation for your visa application, please contact us.

How to reach the workshop venue

The conference venue is located in

Auditorium Testori - Sede Regione Lombardia, Piazza CittĂ  di Lombardia, 1, 20124 Milano (map)

The venue can be reached by Metro (M2-Gioia, M3-Centrale, and M5-Isola) or by Bus (line 60, stop Gioia-Galvani, line 43, stop Gioia-Galvani, and line 81, stop Galvani-Copernico). All stops are less than 15 minutes walking distance from the venue.

At the venue there will not be any parking place reserved for the workshop attendees. Parking on the streets in the area is quite difficult and there is no toll-free parking area.

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