General information

The proceedings of LTD-18 will be published as a Special Issue of the Journal of Low Temperature Physics and available online and as a hard copy by request. Free access to the complete issue upon publication will be provided for a period of two months.

The deadline for manuscript submission is:

best August 4th (latest August 20th)

November 2019 update: first articles are being published here as OnLine First Articles (Articles not assigned to an issue)

February 2020 update: the first two JTLP Special Issues are planned for April and May 2020, a third issue with the late comers is planned for later on this year.

OnLine First preface of the LTD-18 JLTP Special Issue

April 2020 update: the first two JLTP Special Issues are now being published:

Volume 199, Issue 1-2, April 2020 Special Issue: Part I

Volume 199, Issue 3-4, May 2020 Special Issue: Part II

July 2020 update: the third and last Part is planned for September 2020.

September 2020 update: last JLTP Special Issue is out

Volume 200, issue 5-6, September 2020 Special Issue: Part III

Manuscript preparation

Papers should not exceed 6 pages for contributed oral and poster presentations or 8 pages for invited presentations. There is no page limit for reviews. Front matter, figures and references are included in these page limits. However, the reference list is not included.

The manuscripts should be submitted as LaTeX or Microsoft Word files. Please use either the Word or LaTeX templates that you can download below.

Word format

LaTeX format

Please use the templates provided, which also show examples of figures that satisfy the standards of the Journal, to prepare the manuscript. Figures in color will be published in color at JLTP online at no charge. Authors should begin the caption of each colored figure with: (color online). However, figures will be by default printed in grayscale for the JLTP hard copy issue. Upon request by the authors, figures can also be printed in color in the hard copy, at extra costs to the authors.

Manuscript submission

To submit the proceedings, please read the following instructions

1) go to the JLTP homepage

2) select Manuscript Submission in the menu at the bottom of the page to enter the Editorial Manager

3) enter as Author Login using username and password (generate a new account if you need) or login via ORCID

4) proceed selecting Submit New Manuscript

5) next is Select Article Type: select the option S.I.: LTD18 which is the Special Issue for LTD-18

6) from then on it should be self-explanatory

The deadline for manuscript submission is August 4th.

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