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The LTD-18 workshop scientific program will include a plenary session with tutorials, invited and contributed oral presentations along with a permanent poster session.

Low Temperature Detector development and physics

Transition-edge sensor (TES), Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters (MMCs), Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors (MKIDs), Nanowires, Si and Ge thermistors, Superconducting Tunnel Junction (STJ), Hybrid detectors, other and novel devices

Detector readout, signal processing, and related technologies

Multiplexing, SQUIDs, Amplifiers, Parametric amplifiers, Microwave electronics, Filtering, Data Acquisition, Digital signal processing, Data modeling and statistical analysis, Refrigeration, Noise reduction, Cryogenfree refrigeration, Space cryogenics, Detector calibration

Low Temperature Detector fabrication techniques and materials

Device microfabrication, MEMs, Pixels engineering, Array engineering, Antennas, Wiring, New materials, Low activity materials

Low Temperature Detector applications

Dark Matter, Neutrino and Rare event searches, Astrophysics and cosmology (mm-wave, THZ, IR, Visible, X-ray, Gamma-ray), Nuclear and Particle Physics, Material analysis, Life Science, Cultural Heritage, Homeland security

Low Temperature Detector for quantum technologies and other frontiers

Quantum Communication and Cryptography, Qubits, Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensing, Single photon detection

Technology transfer, outreach, and dissemination

Commercial analytical instrumentation, Industrial and commercial applications, Transfer and integration of knowledge, Spin-offs and public engagement

CREDITS: pictures above are courtesy of (from top to bottom): NIST, Y. Suvorov, CUORE Collaboration, Y. Suvorov, NIST, UNIMIB

LTD-18 timetable

The detailed program is available

on the LTD-18 indico site or here

Posters are divided in 2 sessions on Tuesday 23 and Thursday 25.

See here for the Reviews and Invited Orals

Presentation videos (coming soon)

The LOC has awarded 22 posters with the rank of Selected Poster. These posters will be advertised with 1-2 slides and 90" at the beginning of the two poster sessions.

Opening tutorial talks

"Low Temperature Detector Development and Physics", Caroline Kilbourne (NASA/GSFC, USA)

"Low Temperature Detector Applications", Andrea Giuliani (CNRS/CSNSM, Orsay, France)

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